Saturday, February 2, 2008

Please Post Your Coments and Suggestions Here !!!

Your comments and suggestions are highly appreciated and welcome. Please post your suggestions here.


  1. u should hv a section dedicated to ghoruwa dorob
    that is generally available in our paakghors
    for ex- helensi xaakor aanja 7 dinor kaarone khaale diabetes'or baabe bhaal
    khuwar khuwa hoi gol bemaaru bhaal hol

    ba kodu(wasp)'e kaamurile purona khorisa (old bamboo shoots) ba piyaaj pihi(crushed onions) logale bhaal

  2. gr8. I always get confused about the typical assamese food ingredients and its english. this is going to help me a lot. bah.....
    Aji moi 'split pigeon peas'-ar dali, 'banana blossom' bhaja aru 'a variety of bitter gourd without the bitterness'-ar aanjare bhaat khalo.
    bhabiyei bhal lagise.
    Just joking... please don't mind....
    This is really good work.

  3. I would like to congratulate you for this wonderful effort.sampurna gharua asomia recipe.. kintu iman clear aru precisely likha moi aru katu pua nai ....I'll definitely try some..